1. Polite – We do say our manners a lot more than you would here in other countries. We also do this thing called pay it forward in Canada, although you hear it being done in other countries Canada is also known for doing it.

2. Peacekeepers – Many times you will hear that we send our military off to a third world country in hopes to make peace with the war that is occurring. We are there to help the people who are being attacked because violence is never the answer and will get you no where.

3. Equality – It doesn’t not matter what race, sex, or religion you are in this country, we treat everyone equally. If you are a Canadian citizen and over the age of 18, everyone has the same rights and freedom.

4. Multicultural – We are a very open country when it comes to letting people into our wonderful country. Because of this we have become multicultural, with not forcing people to convert to one religion, you get to keep your own.

5. Right to Vote – Once you are at the age of 18, you are given the right to vote in Canada. I think this is pretty great because the government is giving people the option to chose if they want to have a say on who is running our government, besides the queen.

6. Free health care – Canada has not only free health care to our Canadian citizens but it is also good health care. Going into a hospital/clinic knowing that your doctor cares about what happens to you is pretty great, and we have Canada to thank for making that free to us.

7. Invented basketball – It is said that Canada was the country that invented the sport basketball. It’s pretty great to be known for inventing a sport that many of us play today.

8. Same-sex marriages – It is not a lie when you say that Canada was one of the first countries to makes same-sex marriages legalized. Canada is allowing people to chose who they love and make it so no one puts you down for loving that person.

9. Bunny Hugs (SK) – This is a thing, yes. We make up weird names for things such as sweaters, or hoodies. This is what people mostly from Saskatchewan call a hoodie. No one knows why and no one knows how it started it just started and had stayed here for ages. So Canada is pretty cool for making up names for things and allowing them to stay.

10. Most educated country – It is said that Canada is the most educated country overall. This does not mean that we are all smart but most of us have an education which makes us a good country for inventing things.

11. Maple syrup – Canada is known for having their amazing supply of maple syrup based out of mostly Ontario. Having maple syrup makes Canada great because it is something that is our own and it’s something that we share with everyone across the world.

12. Canadian Accent – Many people believe that we have a specific accent but if you hear another Canadian talk you can’t hear it, that’s because most of us Canadians have the same accent that goes across the country. Not our fault we can’t hear it.

13. Apologetic – Canada also has the stereotype for being very apologetic. We are said to say ‘sorry’ a lot, even when things are not our fault. That’s pretty great to be known as apologetic rather than being mean.

14. Tim Hortons – Sorry to the people in other countries that do not know the greatness of our wonderful Tim Hortons, you are really missing out. This really is the Canadian donut and coffee shop, and it just adds to the greatness knowing it is only Canadian.

15. Moose – One of Canada’s favourite animals, most Canadians have seen this beautiful creature. No other country has seen something so amazing as a moose that a lot of Canadians see everyday. We are special enough to have that animal all to ourselves, how cool is that!

16. Hockey – Canada without questioning it is a place where hockey is mostly played. Canada has a long winter which gives players plenty of time to play. It’s a fun game to play and watch and most Canadians know at least a few hockey players. Hockey brings people together to make us a good community.

17. Weather – To be honest the weather in Canada is pretty extreme, but there is nothing like it. It can go from boiling hot one day to freezing cold the next. But the weather just makes sceneries a lot more beautiful to see.

18. Beautiful – The scenery in Canada is something that is breathtaking, there is so many things to see. It goes from looking at the mountains on the west side, to the beautiful coasts on the east side. And there is always something to see right in the middle.

19. Freedom of belief – Canada does not force you to believe in one religion. The government allows you to believe in whatever you would like, which is much different from what other countries do. We all you to practice whatever religion you choose at anytime

20. Eh? – We are known for saying this multiple times within a speech, or so everyone thinks that is not actually Canadian. In reality we just say it because it’s fun to say and use the stereotype.

There are many other great reasons why Canada is a great country to be in, but these are what I feel mean the most to me. I am proud to be a Canadian citizen and live in this beautiful country, there’s not another place in the world I would rather be, than right here in Canada.

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