Hi Everyone!

I’m the new Miss Teenage West Central Saskatchewan and the new owner of this blog! I will be going to Toronto in August to compete in the national pageant called Miss Teenage Canada. I would like to thank everyone who has sponsored and supported me on my journey to provincials. I’m very excited to see what the future has waiting for me.

Family means so much to me, even more now than they ever have, after losing so many of my family and friends in the past couple years. I’m from a small town in Saskatchewan, and I am currently living with my mom, step dad and my younger siblings. I am very thankful to be having such an amazing, supportive family to help me make it this far, and help structure who I am today.

I am currently in grade 10, and I am involved in many different activities. I am on my school divisions student leadership consult, where we present to the board with some ideas to help improve learning in our schools. I also have been involved in soccer for the past ten years. The people that I have played with and met over the years is amazing and I am glad that I have made so many great people.

I have always had a love and passion for fashion, and love name brands, along with going on shopping sprees. A few of my favourite brands are Aeropostale, Dynamite, and American Eagle. Fashion has taught me to be myself, and create any kind of style that I would like. I also have a strong liking for shoes, and I own so many of them.

With my title, that I am now holding, I am planning on getting involved with my community as much as I am able to throughout my year. I will be doing fundraisers and appearances at different events. I will be looking forward to meeting many more great people and being able to make many more amazing memories with this title. Be sure to check them out on here, along with my facebook and my instagram page!

Miss Teenage West Central Saskatchewan 2015

Written by: Morgan

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