In 1969, our parents may remember “Miss Teenage Canada“, which lasted till 1971. That’s only because they decided to change the name to “Miss Teenage Canada“. Pageants still continued, with A&W sponsoring them, but then in 1990, when financial problems came about and they had to end it.
But luckily, we have Michelle Weswaldi, the producer of the Miss Teenage Canada competition that I’m entering. It is owned by MTC-W Inc. and began in 2008. It’s the largest pageant in Canada, which is the only competition to have provincial pageants. And the most exciting part is that the winner, goes to compete for Miss Teen Universe!
This competition isn’t just about beauty though, the charity that they support, Free the Children, is an excellent charity that plenty of money is raised, and donated towards. The fundraiser that I chose to support the charity, was a bottle drive. This was such a success, and I raised so much money!
As for learning, you learn how to be the better you, inside and out, and that you’re your own kind of beautiful. Also, confidence is a huge trait you gain, and that’s coming from a personal experience! While at one of my fundraisers, which was a Prince and Princess tea, I had the confidence to have photos taken with the kids, and also to speak in front of my guests. I could not have been able to do that a few months ago! And again, I spoke in front of a large crowd of people at my other fundraiser, a family dance. These fundraiser got me so involved with my community, which isn’t big at all, with a population of 450. But I was able to talk with everyone, and tell them all about the awesome experience I already had at my provincial competition, and about to have at my national competition! But this is still all very hard for me to believe, when I applied, I didn’t think I’d make it this far! It was honestly so easy, I applied for Miss Teenage Canada ( my friend had tagged me in the Facebook page ( and thought it would be such an incredible opportunity to be a part of! Although my nerves were skyrocketing, I managed to make it through the Skype interview, and the anticipation of waiting for the email back. But once I competed in Saskatoon, and received my title of Miss Teenage West Central Saskatchewan, I became ecstatic for Toronto! But if I were to receive the title of Miss Teenage Canada, I would donate most of the money to charities including Free the Children, You Can Free Us, Canadian Red Cross, SADD, and plenty of others. I would also use it to promote awareness of drinking and driving. This is my platform, mostly because I see how often it happens, and how many innocent people are affected by it. It is 100% preventable, and should be taken very seriously. With the winning title, I would also love to come home, and show that if you follow your dreams, no matter how bizarre they seem, and you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything!

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