My platform for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant is mental health. I believe that this is a big issue in today’s society and it is not taken care of properly in most cases. Mental health can vary from struggling in school to being bullied to even just having problems at home; anything that effects your everyday schedule and makes it hard for you to concentrate on what needs to be focused on.

Depression is one of the most common forms of mental health that you hear about everyday; depression can come from the smallest thing but leave you in a upset mood for the days to come. Depression can be a hard thing to find in people because many people do not show the symptoms that are commonly found in some cases that have been studied. Many cases of depression can simply be “cured”, or so the doctors think, by pills taken everyday, but that never actually erases the memories on what has happened to this victim.

You see people with mental health problems all the time, everyday, they are among you. Yet, these people go unnoticed by society. No one really understands if someone has a mental health problems because most of them hide the fact that they have it, if they struggle with something they simply try to ignore that task, instead of asking for help.

This year I was on my school divisions Youth Consult group where we further looked into mental health and how being in at school is tough enough for kids but those suffering with a mental disorder have a hard time concentrating on their school work. We surveyed kids all across the Sunwest school division from grade seven to twelve.  Truth be told, classes are hard and they can be very disruptive, which makes it hard for people to concentrate, it doesn’t help that most teachers ignore that fact and let their students do as they please during class. Most kids with mental health problems go unnoticed, which makes it hard to know exactly how many kids have problems with their day to day schedule.

As Miss Teenage Canada, I would promote my platform by creating a presentation that I would take to different schools to teach them about the different types of mental health issues. I would also like to teach people across Canada how they can help someone with mental health issues. I would also like to set up a support group in my community to help those suffering from a mental illness.

Thanks for reading about my platform!


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