Today Miss Teenage Canada chaperones took all 82 of the contestants for a day out of the hotel to do some exploring and shopping around the city of Toronto. To start the day off they took us to the Bowmanville Zoo to watch a baby lion and baby tiger play and the zoo keepers allowed us to get up close and take pictures with the tiger and the lion.

Next we moved on to the Toronto Eaton Mal to go see the wonderful and amazing Rich Tree Market where we went to the taco bus. It may be a small capacity in that small bus but they make some amazing food!  I had ordered a chicken burrito, not really knowing what to expect from it. Although it was spicy, it was very good. The manager and all the staff were very friendly and were willing to comprise for those with different allergies and diet restrictions. The workers were also very prepared and were fast at making all the food for all the girls.


I  would personally recommend this place to anyone who is in Toronto and at the Toronto Eaton Mall. The food truck is located in the middle of the mall and is very easy to find. You will always find great service and it is so good. For those who do not enjoy spicy foods I would recommend getting the fish burrito or tacos; and for those of you who enjoy spicy foods, like myself, the chicken burrito or tacos. Overall, if I was to ever come back to Toronto, I would definitely like to come back and enjoy some more of their fantastic food!



~ Morgan 💕

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